2213-OD Drum, 4-1/2 Inch, Machined, With Flange, for mounting a 60T or 72T sprocket to Tristar wheels

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This Drum attaches to our 5, 6, or 8" Tristar wheels. Wheel and sprocket sold separately and are not included.

Use this 2213-OD flanged drum to attach a

Use the 2211-OD non-flanged version drum for our 4-1/2" Brake Part #2208

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more info about this drum:

Flanged drum has 6 holes on a 5-1/4" bolt circle. All are machined either “ID” for brakes on this page, or “OD” for band brakes. All drums have three sets of mounting holes: 3 and 4 hole on a 3.75" diameter bolt circle and a 4 hole on a 3.228" bolt circle to match the mini hub.

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