Upgrade Kit for Predator 212cc Non-Hemi

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Upgrade the performance of the your Predator 212cc engine with following parts:

  • (1) ARC Billet Flywheel
  • (1) Dyno Cam
  • (1) ARC Billet Rod
  • (1) Gasket Set with .010" Head Gasket

Choose your parts

    Dyno CAM
    265 can be used with stock springs, rod & flywheel.
    275 requires springs, rod & flywheel upgrade.
    308 the highest you can go with stock rockers
    308 Billet Steel 2-peice adjustable
     *cams below are for modified OHV engines
    310 long duration, can be used with ratio rockers
    315 more top-end, for use with OHV modified engines
    335 lower lift for large cc engines with low valve-to-piston clearances
    356 agressive high lift high rpm for use with tillotson or lager carbs
    ARC Billet FLYWHEEL   
    6618-P 4.0lb adjustable timing, fined.  
    6607-P 3.5lb adjustable timing, fined
    6621-P 3.5lb PVL requires Briggs PVL ignition  
    6603-P 2.9lb adjustable timing, finless
    6600-P 1.6lb PVL Ultra Lite, requires Briggs PVL ignition, recoil or handheld
    6602-P 1.75lb Ultra Lite, finless
    ARC Billet ROD
    6254 Billet Rod 3.308" Standard length
    6256 Billet Rod + .020 3.328" length
    6252 Billet Rod + .040 3.348" length