1144 5" Tristar Aluminum Wheel 3" wide, 5/8" Bearings for Minibike, Go Kart - MOST POPULAR WHEEL

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This is the most popular minibike wheel.
*stock wheel on 357 and Taco 22.
 Fits a 5/8" Minibike Axle or Go Kart Spindle at least 4-1/2" long.

This beautiful mag style wheel has been used as original equipment by manufacturers like Taco, Manco and several other Go Karts for many years. It features a split rim that bolts together for easy installation of the tire.

Use as a front wheel or a rear wheel with optional bolt-on sprocket and brake.
  • 5" Aluminum Wheel (2 Halves)
  • 3" Wide
  • 5/8" Inside Diameter Precision Bearings Installed
  • 3 Bolts and 3 Lock Nuts 
Use innertube 7133

Attach the 2217 60T Sprocket to this wheel. Optionally, add the 2208 Brake. 

  • Brake Drum/Sprocket combo #2217 60T
  • 4-1/2" Drum Brake #2208  

*Also available for this wheel:

Use the 2213-OD flanged Drum to attach a 60T Sprocket. Some feel that this is a better setup than the 1-Piece combo. This setup is preferred if you run a scrub brake

  • 60 Tooth, #35 Sprocket #2152

Tires fit this wheel

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