*6619 Billet Flywheel for GX200/196cc Clone/Tillotson

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SFI certified billet aluminum flywheel for Honda GX160, GX200, Clone 196cc, Ducar 196/212 and Tillotson 196/212 engines. Will work with stock pull rope and OEM coil.

Weighs 3.5lbs and has a special designed high-power magnet that creates a spark that is hotter and lasts longer, getting the most power from every drop of fuel.

Flywheel is set at 32 degrees BTDC with a stock key.

Minimum coil gap .030.

Torque to 65 ft/lbs

This flywheel is made for the GX200, 196cc Clones and 212cc Ducar and Tillotson. Not designed for either of the Predator 212cc Engines (Shaft taper is not same).

Will Not work with charging stator

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