6603-GX200 Billet Flywheel for Honda GX200/Clone 196cc, 5-3/4" Diam Finless 2.90lbs

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ARC 6603-GX200/Clone 196 Billet Flywheel Features:

Requires #5982 Coil Bracket

2.90 pounds
ARC's Signature indexed adjustable hub, which allows easy timing / ignition changes
- 14deg. of timing adjustment, from 24deg. (stock) to 38deg. BTDC with the stock crank key
-SFI Certified
-5 3/4" Diameter (Stock diameter for the GX200/Clone 196 is 6.625") *** Requires part number #5982 coil relocating bracket

Minimum coil gap .030" Torque to 65 ft/lbs

-Super powerful rare earth magnet insures reliable ignition
  * * * This is the Flywheel for Dragsters and ones who want to get out of the hole Quick! ! ! * * *

Will not work with stock pull start.

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