Valco ThreadLocker PS-113-8-M

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LogoValco's ThreadLocker anaerobic compounds are great for locking, retaining, sealing and gasketing a variety of components. ThreadLocker compounds perform at high temperatures, prevent corrosion and resist water, oils, hydrocarbons and more. They also withstand vibration, improve load distribution and act as a lubricant during assembly. ThreadLocker works by creating a durable plastic seal that cures in the absence of air when activated by a metal component or primer.

ThreadLocker is available in Medium and High Strengths - Medium Strength for applications that may require dismantling and High Strength for permanent locks. Applications include thread-locking nuts and bolts or retaining bearings, liners, bushes, keys and splines.

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  • Available in Medium Strength & High Strength (please select)
  • 50 ml.
  • Item Numbers: 710XX623 and 710XX621
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Water/Oil Resistant
  • Withstands Vibration
  • Prevents Corrosion
  • Lubricates During Assembly
  • Precision Application Nozzle