Dr. Pulley Linhai 260 HiT Clutch PS-169-349

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LogoDr. Pulley HiT Clutch 201205 with 55 degree pillow springs for Linhai 260/300cc engines, Aprilia Leonardo 300, Eton Vector 250, SYM RV250, Yamaha Majesty 250, Yamaha Versity 300, Yamaha XCity 250, Yamaha XMax 250 and many more.

The Dr. Pulley HiT Clutch has 2 sets of springs at work: the clutch spring inside controls the movement of the clutch pads towards the clutch bell through centrifugal power.

The second set of torque springs (pillow springs), externally mounted, controls the pressure by using a push pin on the clutch linings against the clutch bell. This prevents most of the slipping phase of the clutch, thus creating less friction and allowing less heat to be created. Heat is lost power! Thus your scooter will accelerate much faster due to the power transfer occurring at a lower RPM.

The clutch can be customized to all personal needs. For example, if you want to get more power at start, choose a stronger clutch spring to increase the starting RPM. If you want to shorten the slipping phase of the clutch, you should use a weaker torque (pillow) spring. For an extreme start, choose a strong clutch spring and a very weak (or no) pillow spring.

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  • Overall Outer Diameter: 142mm
  • Center Opening: 33mm (width), 36mm (height)
  • 55 Degree Pillow Springs
  • Includes Several Sets of Pillow Springs and Clutch Springs for Fine Tuning
  • Reduces Clutch Slippage
  • Improved Clutch Efficiency