Dr. Pulley 16x31 Gliding Roller Weights, J. Costa PS-169-395-12.5g

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LogoDr. Pulley 16x31 Gliding Roller Weights for individuals using the J. Costa Variator on their 250cc Honda Forza, Honda Jazz or Honda Reflex (NSS). Select weights on sale; 10.5g, 12.5g and 16.5g.

Please select weight. Available in 10.5g through 16.5g weight options.

Dr. Pulley Gliding Roller Weights have exceptional durability, heat resistance and are low friction and low wear.

  • Size: 16x31
  • Set of 14
  • Exceptional Heat Resistance
  • Low Friction/Low Wear
  • Lasts longer than standard roller weights
  • Select weights on sale; 12.5g