CL-2 Box Stock Camshaft for Predator 212cc Non-Hemi

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Heat treated Dyno Cam for the Gen 1 & 3 Harbor Freight 212cc Predator engine. This heat treated cam was designed as a replacement for the CL-1 and should always be run with a billet flywheel. The newly designed intake and exhaust lobes allow the CL-2 to run at higher RPMs before the engine goes into uncontrolled valve float. Legal for AKRA and NKA "Box Stock" class. This cam will NOT fit the "Hemi" Predator. Identify your engine before ordering.

Engine: 212cc OHV Predator
Target (MAX) RPM: 6200-6700
Spring Pressure (In / Ex): 10.8 lbs
Valve Lash (IN/EX): .003"
Ignition Timining: 31-32 Deg BTDC

LIFT: .224.5
Dur @ .050": 219.5 Deg. 
C/L: 112 ATDC

LIFT: .2305
DUR @ .050": 222.5 Deg.
C/L: 105.5 BTDC

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