Stage II Hop Up Kit, Honda GX240, GX270, 301

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As a step up from the Stage 1, this kit is designed to further improve the power of GX240s and GX270s by adding a larger carb and cam.

Race/Open Air Filter & Adapter
GX390 Carb
Heavy Duty Valve Springs
Offset Timing Key
102 Main Jet
260 Lift High-Performance Cam
Carb and Side Cover Gaskets

*Note: Use of the choke bracket requires use of a stock Honda (or Chines OHV) "Air Filter-to-Carb" gasket. This is not included in the kit. You can use the one that came with the motor, or you can purchase one.

UT2 series Hondas (2012 & up) or later have a built-in rev limiter in the coil and will require a new coil to exceed 4000rpm. The UT2 coils (4 wire) can only be used with stock flywheels. If using a billet flywheel, you must run a UT1 style coil (single wire). Chinese engines usually have UT1 style coils already. However, some Lifans and 420s have a digital ignition and will need a Honda UT1 coil to run the billet flywheel.

Filter should be sprayed with a K&N type oil, especially for dirt applications. Oil not included.

Warning: Billet aluminum flywheel recommended. Stock flywheels, especially "clones", are prone to failure and are very dangerous!

If ordering a 301, be aware that some engines have large cam journals (.6357); most 301s have standard cam journals (same as GX270s). If you have a 301, we recommend you measure your cam journals before ordering this. This kit will not fit engines with large journals!