GTC40 DRIVEN, Torque Converter 5/8 in. Bore

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TC40 DRIVEN, Torque Converter 5/8 Inch Bore symmetrical
 8-18 HP Engines
1103 DRIVEN, 40 Series Torque Converter, 5/8 INCH BORE symmetrical, for  8-18 HP Engines, Fully compatible with Comet* 209151A 40 Series Torque Converter Go Kart, Dune Buggy, Small Vehicle, Industrial Equipment


GTC 40 (Symmetrical) 
The model GTC 40 is a Mid-Range Torque Converter designed for applications upto 18 Horsepower. The GTC 40 is fully compatible with Comet* 40 Series and is appropriate for applications requiring more torque than GTC 20 or 30, but below the requirements of GTC 94 or 102. Unlike the GTC 30 TC2 Kits which install with a mounting plate bolted onto the engine, the GTC 40 requires the use of a Jackshaft on the vehicle for installation. The GTC 40 is a heavy duty, high quality Torque Converter built to withstand tough applications.  

NOTE: if you have an off brand Buggy with a 150cc or 250cc engines and cannot get parts, you can convert it to use an 11-13hp upright engine and the TC40 Torque Converter. TC40 is the way to go if your buggy weighs over 200 pounds and has 18 inch or larger tires. 

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GTC 40 Series Parts are fully compatible with Comet