6689 Speedway Billet Flywheel for Honda GX200/196cc Clone

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6689 billet flywheel for the Honda/Clone engines from ARC Racing has an ultra low drag fin design that will greatly reduce air drag on your AKRA/NKA racing engine, while still moving enough air for cooling. Less air drag on the flywheel means more power freed up throughout the power curve, especially on the top end. This flywheel is designed for oval track or drag racing. Will work with stock pull rope and OEM coil. This flywheel weighs 3.4lbs.

This flywheel will have the same basic set up as the 6619. Recommended timing for AKRA/NKA unrestricted engines is still 34-36 degrees. Recommended timing for plate engines is 36-39 degrees. This flywheel also has a minimum coil gap of .030 as all our other flywheels do, meaning DO NOT set the gap closer than .030. However we use much more gap than that. Our testing showed on most unrestricted engines that a coil gap of .050-.060 worked the best, and plate engine coil gaps .065-.080 worked best. (Your results may vary). The magnets in our flywheels are very strong and opening up the coil gap will help reduce magnet drag as the magnet moves underneath the coil. This is yet another advantage to our flywheels that will help free up more power in these AKRA/NKA engines. 
This new 6689 flywheel has more power making potential than any other approved flywheel on the market. Our test as well as testing from other reputable companies shows it will make around the same power with zero tape on the blower housing as the 6619 does with the blower housing fully taped up. 
Comes set at 32 degrees timing with stock key. 
Torque to 65 ft/lbs
Flywheel weight 3.4lbs AKRA/NKA/WKA legal Box Stock Class. Fits Honda GX160/200, Clone 196cc, Ducar 196/212 and Tillotson 196/212 engines. Will NOT fit either of the 212cc Predator engines. 
Will not work with charging stator

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