Stage III Hop Up Kit for GX340, GX390, Predator 420

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A step up from our Stage 2 kit, this is designed to wake up GX390s, allowing 20+ HP!

Kit Includes:
Race/Open Air Filter & Adapter
Heavy Duty Valve Springs
Offset Timing Key
280 Lift Camshaft
Reinforced Rocker Arms
Billet Rod (+.040 Longer)
Carb and Side Cover Gaskets

*Note: Use of the choke bracket requires a stock Honda (or Chinese OHV) "air filter-to-carb gasket". This is not included in the kit. You can use the one that came with the motor, or you may purchase one here.

Billet aluminum flywheel recommended. Stock flywheels, especially "clones", are prone to failure and are very dangerous.

UT2 series Hondas (2012 & up) and later have a built-in rev limiter in the coil and will require a new coil to exceed 4000rpm. The UT2 coils (4 wire) can only be used with stock flywheels. If using a billet flywheel, you must run a UT1 style coil (single wire). 13/15 Chinese engines (414, 420, and 460) usually have UT1 style coils already. However, some Lifans and 420s have a digital ignition and will need a Honda UT1 coil to run the billet flywheel.

Filter should be sprayed with K&N type oil, especially for dirt applications. Oil not included.

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