*212 Tillotson Hemi Engine, Pull Start

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Our most popular and one of the best performance small block engines on the market!

  • Engine comes stock with a Huayi carburetor
  • 9+HP (on our 2021 Inertia Dyno)
  • Lightened flywheel rated at 10,000RPM (not aluminum)
  • High compression and high flow Hemi head with 27mm-24mm valves
  • 26lb Valve Springs
  • 3/4" diameter shaft.

Comes with a 90 Day Warranty, Box Stock.  If any modifications are done, the Warranty is VOID.

Download Tillotson Engine manual

Popular Add-Ons:

  • Stage 1 Performance Kit for added 2-3HP Performance
  • 196/212 Fatty Header Pipe
  • Stage 2 Performance Kit for all upgraded internal Billet Parts 
  • Tillotson T4 Oil

**Professional set up

  • We set the valve lash to make sure you get the most lift for more power
  • We set the coil for optimum spark and clearance for less drag
  • We make sure the throttle linkage is ready out of the box.  Setting it so you get the most rpm and making sure it operates smoothly
  • We do a once over on the whole engine to make sure nothing is wrong with it before being shipped. 

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