225RS Tillotson Racing Engine

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Our TPP-225RS sealed racing engine  is the ultimate in four stroke power under 250cc.  This is the engine used on our T4 kart and the T-225RS classes raced in the US and Europe.  The TPP-225RS gives you more than 15 horsepower and has been tested and tuned by our Tillotson Racing team, making it the most fun and affordable engine for both sprint and dirt racing.  The TPP-225RS  features a PVL digital ignition coil limited to 6,500 rpm, an FM series racing carburetor specifically calibrated to the 225RS for easy starting and top performance, a billet connecting rod and flywheel for improved strength and reliability and our enhanced Tillotson® block with extra support for higher power

Features Include:

  • Tillotson racing head
  • Tillotson racing block
  • Tillotson Racing camshaft for max lift
  • Tillotson FM-22 carburetor
  • Billet machined connecting rod
  • Billet machined flywheel
  • PVL digital ignition coil
  • RLV Exhaust

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