6" Astro Mag-Style Minibike Wheel 3" Wide - Build-A-Wheel

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6" Wheel for Minibike featuring the beautiful Astro mag-style polished aluminum design. Bearings included.
Split rim for easy tire mounting. 3"wide. Choose 5/8" or 3/4" ID bearings
Add optional 60 or 72T #35 Astro Sprocket/Drum combo to this wheel by using the Astro Adapter Kit.
Add a 4-1/2" Drum Brake to this wheel.
Tire Sizes for Use with this wheel: 
  • 410/350x6
  • 530/450x6

Use on go karts or minibikes as a front wheel or rear wheel. Rims are two-piece for easy tire removal. Wheels include the bearings and nuts and bolts. Choose the bearing size to fit your axles outside diameter, either 5/8" or 3/4"

Beautiful Cast-Aluminum Design Choice of Ball Bearing styles
Tire Bead Anchor "Pips" Ball-Burnished Finish
Split Rim For Easy Tire Mounting Grade 5 Hardware