Vee Tire Co. Rail 700x40c E-Bike/Commuting/Hybrid Tire PS-154-288

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Vee Tire Co. Rail E-Bike, Commuting, Hybrid and Gravel Tire 700x40c folding bead, black tread tire.

Everything about the Rail was designed for speed. From the specialty center and transition knobs for lower rolling resistance to the tapered cornering knobs for quick maneuverability, this cross country tire offers a fast ride.

The Dual Control Compound features two kinds of materials for speed and control. With a hardness of 56 A in the center and a lower 48 A on the sides, this allows Vee Tire to maintain a fast rolling resistance with excellent cornering capabilities.

This tire also features Synthesis Sidewall which is a specially woven and lightweight layer that gives additional puncture and cut protection to your Tire. Adapted from road tire technology, Synthesis is lighter than the standard casing, enhances performance and features a high-end aesthetic exterior.

Vee's Energetic compound is designed especially for e-bikes and is now available for many of the Vee Tire Co. road Tire. This premium compound offers the dependability of excellent grip and cornering capabilities, along with a low rolling friction to ensure nothing is holding you or your battery back. Its important to remember that fast e-bikes do require specialty Tire, the best of which are those with an ECE-R75 European certification. All of Vee's Tire featuring the Energetic compound have been endorsed with this mark and uphold its standards at speeds of up to 50 KMH (31MPH). Youll currently find this technology utilized on the Bulldozer, Galaxy, Easy Street, Zilent, and select Speedster Tire!

  • Vee Rubber Brand
  • Tubeless Ready
  • Size: 700x40c (40-622)
  • Tread Pattern: VRB 327 Rail
  • E-Bike Ready
  • DCC - Dual Control Compound
  • 120 TPI Casing
  • Folding Bead
  • Weight : 520 g.
  • Does Not Include Rim