Dr. Pulley Honda/Piaggio/Kymco HiT Clutch PS-169-223

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LogoDr. Pulley HiT Clutch 161301 with Bell for Scooters with 50cc/90cc/100cc Honda, Piaggio, PGO, Kymco or SYM engines with 107mm clutch bell diameter as well as scooters with 50cc, 4-stroke QMB139 engines. Also fits ATVs with 107mm clutch bell diameter such as the PGO XL Rider 50cc/90cc/110cc and Kymco Mongoose 50cc/70cc/90cc.

Please Note: Does not fit Honda Metropolitan or Honda Ruckus.

The Dr. Pulley HiT Clutch with 50 degree pillow springs is for use on scooters with a modified cylinder requiring the clutch to engage at a higher RPM. Results from using this clutch include decreased slippage and improved transmission efficiency.

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  • Inner Diameter (bell): 107mm
  • Overall Height (bell): 34mm
  • Number of Splines (clutch bell): 22
  • 50 Degree Pillow Springs
  • Includes 3 sets of Pillow Springs and 4 sets of Clutch Springs for fine tuning