Ban Jing Performance GY6 Variator PS-169-487-RED

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Logo Ban Jing 115mm performance variator with light weight forged drive face for 150cc and 125cc 4-stroke GY6 engine based scooters, ATVs and off-road karts. Choose from Red or Blue Drive Face.

This variator uses six 20x12 weights to allow for additional movement versus a standard 18x14 weight. Variator kits include roller weights. Choose the Red kit for 11g weights and the Blue kit for 12g weights. Please see related items for additional 20x12 weights. Normally, 20x12 weights are sold in packs of eight, so you will have left overs.

Please note: Variator slides may be yellow as pictured or red. Functionality is the same.

  • Uses 20x12 Variator Weights!
  • Weight of Forged Drive Face: 154 Grams
  • 12g Roller Weights Included
  • Number of Splines: 19
  • Overall Outer Diameter: 115mm
  • Splined Inner Diameter (peak to peak): 14.1mm
  • Splined Inner Diameter (valley to valley): 15mm
  • For use with 842-20-30 belts