Ban Jing GY6 Transmission Kit PS-169-500

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Logo Ban Jing Performance Transmission Kit For GY6 125cc and 150cc Engines.

Kit includes the following:

  • 116mm Oversized Variator
  • Forged Drive Face
  • 20x12 Roller Weights (11.5g)
  • 1500RPM Performance Clutch
  • Vented, 12 Spoke Clutch Bell
  • 1500RPM Torque Spring
  • Adjustable Drive Sheave

  • Outer Diameter of Variator: 116mm
  • Number of Splines On Drive Face: 19
  • Weight of Forged Drive Face: 154g
  • Number of Splines on Clutch Bell: 19
  • Adjustable Drive Sheave
  • 1500RPM Torque (Contra) Spring
  • 1500RPM Pillow Springs in Clutch
  • 20x12 Roller Weights in 11.5g (3pcs 11g & 3pcs 12g, weights must be staggered to work properly)