Hylomar Universal Blue Sealant PS-172-148

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Hylomar Universal Blue Sealant is the worlds leading non-setting, sealing and gasketing compound. It is currently used by many of the world’s major airlines, automotive manufacturers, compressor manufacturers, heavy equipment manufacturers, various OEMs and is also used by several Formula One and NASCAR racing teams.

Hylomar Universal Blue sealant was originally developed by Rolls-Royce Plc Aerospace Division for sealing joints in jet turbine engines. Hylomar is a polyester-urethane based sealant that transforms from a gel-like material into a re-sealable, non-setting, non-hardening putty within minutes of application. Because it is non-setting, Hylomar sealant offers unlimited assembly time and is resistant to vibration and thermal expansion.

Hylomar Universal Blue sealant retains its unique properties of being non-setting and permanently plastic when operated within the allowable temperature range for each specific grade or formulation. Regardless of which grade of Hylomar sealant you use, each is formulated using a combination of individual fine particles combined in a gel base. This method of formulation makes Hylomar effective for use in conjunction with gaskets as it fills micro-size gaps commonly found on coarsely machined components. As a gasket dressing, it assists in the location and fitting of the gasket during assembly. The non-setting features of Hylomar allow for easy disassembly and removal of parts and gaskets compared to many traditional gasketing materials.

Hylomar Universal Blue sealant can be used as a gasket dressing or to seal flanges with or without a gasket. Other uses include sealing finely machined joint faces (with gaps less than .01"), threaded joints, pipe threads, nuts, bolts, cylinder heads, manifolds, axles and axle assemblies. Hylomar is resistant to a wide range of fluids including most industrial fuels, gasoline, kerosene fluids, oils, air turbine combustion products, piston engine combustion products, fluorocarbon refrigerants, water/glycol mixtures, water/brine mixtures and methanol mixtures.

  • 100 Grams
  • Temperature Range: -60F to +600F
  • Non-Hardening & Non-Setting
  • Vibration Resistant
  • Re-Sealable & Re-Usable
  • Use With or Without a Gasket
  • Unlimited Assembly Time
  • Allows Metal to Metal Contact
  • Seals Surface Imperfections (to 0.01")
  • Withstands Rapid Variations In Temperature
  • Resistant To Fuels, Oils & More