EC EGO 2-Disc 3/4 Racing Clutch

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EC EGO 2 Disc 3/4-inch clutch is the premier clutch used in many modified small block engines with 3/4-inch output shafts.

The EGO 2-Disc Racing Clutch's 6-spring design offers all the tuning adjustments to set accurate engagement for that smooth 'hit' and acceleration. The four friction discs are made to be long-lasting and consistent, with little to no change once the clutch warms up. Meaning your clutch will respond the same on the first lap of your race day ass it does the last.

The EGO Clutch is built with the same parts and manufacturing as 'Orange Crush,' 'The Touch,' 'GoldiLocks,' 'Gator,' and 'N-Gage' Clutches. These Clutches are factory blueprinted and offer any clutch's best performance and price on the market. All parts are 100% replaceable by any of our Crush Clutch Parts.

- Aluminum Clutch Basket

- CAD/CAM Designed and machined

- Advance Lever Geometry Positive Engagement: Increased Acceleration

- Adjustable Stall Speed

- Spring Matched Install within 1 lb to Ensure Consistency

- Light Weight Clutch Basket

- .180" Thick Back Plate made of Alloy Steel

- .140" Thick Pressure Plate, made of Steel

- More Consistent Engagement and Heat Dispensation

Your disc clutch may need additional washers and spacers, depending on the length of your crankshaft.