GTC 20 Driven Clutch, 3/4 in. bore, 7 in. diameter

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TC20 DRIVEN UNIT 3/4" bore, 7" diameter
Replaces Comet* 20 Series 219462A
Model 20 Series (Symmetrical)

The model GTC 20 uses a 3/4" top width belt. The larger belt substantially improves the performance of the system, especially in where added torque is required without belt slippage. The belt mass of 3/4" top width is especially helpful in applications of low speed, added power requirements such as tractor mowers, off road dune buggies, mini bikes, ATV's, and go-karts. This is a symmetrical system with 13° angle sheaves for an aggregate 26° angle. Driven units available with either 6" or 7" diameter sheaves

*Note: COMET and TAV2 are trademarks of Certified Parts Corporation. GTC Industries is not affiliated or associated with Certified Parts or its products in any way