5" LBA Minibike Drum Brake/Sprocket Assembly, #40/41/420 Chain Size, 54T - for American Racer 215 and Little BadAss Minichopper

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Heavy Duty 5" Drum Brake Assembly with 54T Sprocket, #40/41/420 Chain size.

One piece Minibike Brake. Made in USA

For Minibikes that need High Stopping power. Amazing Quality, performance and durability.

fits 5/8" Axle, bolts onto our 8" wheels.

Heavy Duty BRAKE  
Designed, engineered and tested by Dave Miller DMC Concepts. Today's Fast Mini Bikes need more Stopping power. Amazing quality, beautiful finish.

With all that speed going on, you need to be able to STOP | Standard on the Little BadAss (LBA) and American Racer Minibikes

54T Sprocket #40/41/420 chain, 5" Drum Brake Assembly, 5/8" Bore
  • 54T Sprocket/Drum Combo
  • Heavy Duty #40/41 Chain
  • 5" Drum Brake assy
  • Double-Sided 5/8" Axle Mount
  • Billet Backing Plate
  • Brake Anchor w/Spacer
The sprocket/drum combo bolts onto our 8" wheel shown below

Use this brake to convert your minibike. Most minibikes use #35 chain. To convert it to #40/41. Just add a #40/41 Chain and Clutch. Engineered and tested on Minibikes that need High Stopping power. Amazing quality 54T Sprocket 5" Drum Brake Assembly. 5/8" Bore