Main Jets, for Genuine Mikuni Carburetors

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 for Mikuni 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, 28mm Carburetors

Jet sizes 85mm to 190mm

The stock jet on the VM22 is 95mm.  a good range to try is 110-150. 

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some applications like our Shotgun Exhaust used with our Inverted Intake may need to be jetted from 170 up to 190.  The Curved Intake may jet in the 150 to 170 range, depending on the exhaust used: Fatty, Stinger or Shotgun. The Inverted Intake will jet higher, in the 160 to 190 range depending on exhaust. Carb tuning is not a science, but rather, a process. You have to try a few to see which one works best for your application.
There are many copy cat carbs out there that will jet differently. We carry Genuine Mikuni Carbs made in Japan and used as standard oem equipment on everything from  Honda to Harley
Tuning Mikuni Carburetor
There is a large amount of horsepower to be gained in a properly tuned carburetor. Unfortunately, there isn't a universal setup that will work with every engine combination. If you have to play with your choke to get the engine to accelerate, you likely need to re-jet. Jetting that works great with one engine may not work so well with another. Stock 22mm Mikuni Carbs come with a 95 or 100 main jet and 15 pilot jet. Install the carburetor and run it with this stock setup. Remove the spark plug. If the plug looks white, your carb is running lean. Try going to a larger main jet. Check the plug again until you get a good light brown plug. Shut the engine down quickly without letting the engine idle, to ensure you get an accurate check. Many racers like the 130 main jet, 12.5 pilot jet, needle clip in the center position and air screw two turns out (stock position). Some run up to the 180 main jet when using a larger Intake Manifold. Results may vary. With the Mikuni correctly tuned, your engine will come alive in both top end and low end torque and acceleration as well as a very responsive throttle.

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