Mikuni VM22 Carburetor Kit

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INSTALL a Mikuni VM22mm Carburetor on your Go kart or Minibike.

  • Mikuni 22mm Carburetor
  • ADD Billet Intake Manifold
  • ADD Small-Cone High-Flow Chrome Air Filter 
  • GX200, Predator 212, Titan TX200, Tillotson 212E, Ducar and most other clones.
Your engine will come alive in top end, low end torque, and acceleration as well as a very responsive throttle. You have got to have this kit for your minibike. 

Installation of this carburetor bypasses the stock engine governor and throttle linkage. Just drop the throttle cable into the Mikuni. Be sure to order the Mikuni throttle cable with the slide-stop end.

  • Easy to install, just bolt on
  • Adjustable Fuel Mixture 
  • Super Responsive Throttle
  • Get rid of stock throttle linkage
  • Get rid of Governor
  • Engine not included in this kit

Download the  HPO High Performance Option Installation Guide
this kit adds about 4hp and increased torque over the stock Honda carburetor and is idle and fuel mixture adjustable for optimum performance and tuning. The cable drops into the slide throttle allowing you to discard all stock throttle linkage. The 22mm is the right choice.

The Curved Manifold angles the air filter towards the back of the engine, out of the way so you don't keep popping the filter off with your leg.

The Inverted Manifold flips the air filter facing forward, K&N style, completely out of the way. Plus it's larger and creates more horsepower. 

Carb Mounting O.D. 49mm ctr/ctr, Intake Bell  O.D. 43mm, 
Main Jet: 95, Idle Jet: 15

Notes: You will need to re-Jet the carb. 150mm for the Curved Intake, 170mm for the Inverted Intake. The stock jet for the VM22 is 95mm.

Be sure to order a Mikuni Throttle Cable with the wire stop tip needed for the slide on the carburetor.

Kit can be installed without opening up the engine by simply bolting on these parts. Further upgrades are available that can boost your engine all the way up to 26+ horsepower.

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