Tillotson 196R Racing Base Engine, No Flywheel

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Engine does not include Fuel Tank, Flywheel, Clutch, Top plate, Filter adapter or exhaust

Engine Specs:

  • JT-207 Tillotson Head
  • PK-1A Tillotson Box Stock Carburetor
  • Tillotson Designed Race Cam
  • 45% Lower Tension Rings designed for box stock racing
  • +.010 Rod
  • Light Weight Lifters
  • Stainless Steel Push Rods
  • Shorter Valves (Install height may be .800 vs .815 out of the box, this was intended for builders to sink the valves to match .815 install height.)
  • Tillotson Race Coil
  • Hardened Bolts
  • Premium Polymer Valve Cover Gasket
  • Premium Polymer Oil Seals
  • Valve Cover w/Pulse fitting

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