TrailMaster Taurus 450G Gas 4-Seat UTV, 4x4 High/Low Gear, Alloy Wheels

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The all-new Taurus 450-4 is Four Wheel Drive with front and rear differential with lock;

The new 450-4 his equipped With Balance shaft engine for smooth operation and to reduce vibration.

The CVT automatic transmission is Equipped with H/L gear, can climb up to 30-degree slopes with ease with full capacity It is also equipped with four-wheel independent suspension for the optimal driving experience.

Best of all, this model comes with both rear flip seat and can be transformed into a utility dump bed, in place of the rear seat with the optional interchangeable dump bed insert takes about 30 minutes once you have done it a few time; It can be used as a neighborhood golf cart to carry up to four adults or replace the rear seat with the optional utility heavy-duty dump bed.

Other notable features include: aluminum wheels package, large front, and rear 24 x 8-12 / 24 x 8-12 dual-purpose tires, Hi/Lo beam LED headlights, turn signals, rearview side mirrors, hardtop, retractable safety seatbelt and etc.

This is a very well built machine, thus we are very proud to offer 1-year limited parts warranty. We have this model in red, blue, green, carbon fiber, tree camo Assembling for these units can be very challenging though especially for the first time, it took two of our crews seven hours to finish the assembly the first time.

Optional Accessories

ADD Weather Enclosure

ADD Windshield

ADD LED Lightbar

ADD 2000-lb Winch

ADD Snow Plow

Key Features

  • Digital speedometer/odometer 
  • LED Hi/Lo beam head light 
  • Rear view side mirrors 
  • Sporting steering wheel 
  • Turn signals 
  • Safety harness seatbelt 
  • Big dual purpose tires  F / R  24 x 8-12 / 24 x 8-12
  • Polished aluminum wheels 
  • Hardtop 
  • Adjustable heavy-duty front and rear shock absorber 
  • Rack and pinion steering wheel 
  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brake 
  • Large gas tank 
  • Horn 
  • Optional folded windshield 
  • Optional 2000lbs-winch 
  • Optional LED light bar

Unit Dimensions

102x58x76 inch Assembled, 1200 LBS

96x52x50 inch Crated, 1400 LBS 

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