Sport Kart 6.5hp Off Road Go Kart

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6.5hp asphalt or light off-road

Sport Go Kart is a fast kart, not for beginners and not entry level unless over the age of 12. This Kart is for on asphalt or light off-road use. The Sport Kart comes with huge 13" knobby tires and dual coil shocks. Fits adults up to 6 feet tall.

The 196cc Sport Go Kart comes standard with the following listed features.
196cc 4 stroke Gas Engine This engine runs on pump gas, no oil mixing necessary. Engine puts out around 6.5hp. This is our most powerful go kart motor.
Rear Coil over suspension The rear end had dual coil over suspension with 4 inches of travel.
Centrifugal Clutch This is an Automatic clutch
13" off road tires All 4 tires have a nice knobby tread for light off road use. Can also be used on smooth road surfaces.
Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes Comes with rear disc brake which gives you plenty of stopping power.
Hand Controls Both throttle and brake are both hand controls that are mounted to the steering wheel.
Top Speed 40-45 mph Kart can go even faster with upgrades.
Pull Start Engine starts by pulling a cord.
Warranty This Kart comes with a 30-day warranty and free lifetime tech support!
  • Item weight: 175lbs
  • Full Assembled: 66" L x 38" W x H 28"
  • Box: 43" L x 38" W x 21" H

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a precision Racing Go Kart. This Go Kart is NOT engineered for racing. This is a recreational Go Kart designed for recreational use. It is normal for one of the front wheels to not make contact with the ground without the driver's weight in the seat. This is normal and the Go Kart will still operate as intended. 

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