Vehicles do not come ready to ride

    You are Skipping the Dealer, and making a Factory Direct purchase as a Self-Service Customer to get that Super Low price.
    ASSEMBLY: Your vehicle will be shipped in a Crate about 95% assembled.
    You will need to Install:
    • Roll cage
    • Seats
    • Wheels
    • Battery
    • Lights
    Some Bikes may require installation of front wheel. ATVs and Scooters come fully assembled.

    SETUP: Vehicles must be properly setup by your mechanic, even if you choose the 98% assembled option. 
    Your mechanic must perform:
    • oil service
    • adjust all systems:
    • chain
    • cables
    • hydraulics
    • throttle
    • brake
    • initial engine start
    • road test
    After one (1) hour of operation, mechanic must perform oil service, check and adjust all systems, torque hubs and all fasteners.  
    Since you are skipping the Dealer and saving over half of the cost of a retail customer, you will have some work to do. If you can do this yourself - Great, But if not, you will need a mechanic.


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