American Racer 215 Minibike Frame, Just like the Bonanza Minibike sold in the 60s

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Choose the American Racer Minibike Frame for your next build!

Included in this Kit

  • Frame
  • Fork and Bolt
  • Decal

Choose Bare Metal, or our Brilliant 2-Step Powdercoat Finish.

Are you looking for the Roller Kit?

Taller riders up to 6'5" can ride comfortably with knees tucked under handlebars and feet firmly planted on the large foot pegs. Comfort means you can ride longer and have more fun. 

The Frame and Fork are made with Heavy Duty 1" DOM Tubing instead of the customary 7/8" used on most Minibikes.

Run a straight Clutch for racing or Torque Converter, for climbing.

  • 1" DOM Steel Frame & Fork
  • 5 Degree Forward Tile Engine Mount
  • run Clutch or Torque Converter
  • Designed for large 8" Wheels
  • Cutaway for optional Torque Converter
  • Heavy Duty Rear Axle
  • Kickstand Mount
  • Large Foot Pegs

And because we know builders always want more Horsepower,

The integrated Engine Mounting Platform with 5 Degree Forward Tilt and Cutaway for optional Torque Converter can accommodate a wide range of engines from the Honda GX200, Briggs Animal, Predator

NOTE: For Minibike Veterans, if this frame looks familiar, that's because it was first sold as the Bonanza BC1300 in the 70s, the bike has been re-created and now sold under the American Racer brand.

The American Racer 215, first released in 2015, hence the model 215, receives a strong thumbs up from the original owner of the Bonanza Company, Jack Costella, who watched the bike run at the Hollister Minibike races. 

Heavy Duty Rear Axle with Chain Adjusters, because you want more horsies, you need more strength

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