1193 6" Aluminum Tristar Wheel, 3" wide, with 5/8" ID Precision Ball Bearings

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Use as the front or rear wheel on a minibike.

Attach a sprocket and/or brake for use on the rear.

Use the 2213-OD flanged Drum to attach a sprocket

  • 60 Tooth, #35 Sprocket #2152
  • 72 Tooth, #35 Sprocket #2158

The 2213-OD drum attaches to our 5, 6, or 8" Tristar wheels.

The above setup works well on a minibike with a scrub brake.

*Also available for this wheel:

Use the 1-piece Combo to add a drum brake.

A nice front tire for this wheel 

Tire sizes for this wheel

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