TrailMaster 300-XRS 4E 4-seater Buggy Go Kart, CVT Automatic EFI

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The TrailMaster 300-XRS4E is an impressive 4-seater go kart, powered by an 18 HP 300cc CVT fully automatic liquid-cooled engine with the convenience of EFI. This powertrain provides an extra boost in torque and fuel efficiency compared to conventional 150cc engines. Plus, the EFI system makes it easier to start the vehicle in cold weather and at high altitudes. Enjoy a powerful and reliable go-karting experience with the 300-XRS4E.

The 300-XRS4E Buggy Go Kart is built for heavy duty applications and can accommodate up to 800 lbs of load. Its adjustable driver and passenger seats can fit up to 6'2"-tall people and are separated by a 26" distance. Its 20" x 7-8" and 21" x 10-10" tires ensure powerful acceleration to carry four passengers.


  • 18 HP Powerful 300cc CVT fully automatic with reverse engine, Liquid cool
  • EFI operates under any weather and at any altitude
  • Heavy duty frame, net weight 608lbs, max load 800 lbs, adult size 4-seat go kart
  • New gear ratio set up offers maximum low-end torque
  • Digital speedometer/odometer
  • Stainless steel performance muffler
  • Five-point safety seatbelt
  • LED headlight
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Adjustable front driver and passenger seat: pedal to center seatback adjustable from 36” to 43”, fits driver/passenger up to 6’2 in height
  • Front seat to rear seat distance 26inches, fits passengers up to 6’2 inheight
  • Handled extremely well on trails, only Min. 229" turning radius.
  • Electric start with kill switch
  • Aluminum side mirrors
  • Sporting steering wheel
  • Turn signals
  • Individual sporting seats
  • Polished stainless steel muffler
  • Big tires: F / R: 20 x 7-8 / 21 x 10-10
  • Bikini sunshade top
  • Adjustable heavy-duty front and rear shock absorber
  • Rack and pinion steering wheel
  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brake
  • 4-wheel fenders
  • Trailer hitch
  • Large gas tank
  • Horn
  • Padding over roll cage


Engine Information

  • Engine type: 4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled
  • Displacement: 275.6cc
  • Output Max.: 17.4HP/6500rpm
  • Max torque: 16 lb ft/5000rpm
  • Bore x stroke: 2.85 x 2.63 inches
  • Max speed: 45mph
  • Climbing ability: 15 degrees
  • Min turning radius: 229 inches
  • Ignition: ICM
  • EFI Ignition Module: RM1A1
  • Starting system: Electric Start
  • Battery: 12V 10Ah
  • Gear oil: MoS2&W-2WD-4D

General Information

  • Clutch: Automatic CTV with reverse
  • Driveline: Driving wheel Chain /Dual wheel drive
  • Suspension: F / R - Dual A-arm /swing-arm
  • Brakes: F /R Hydraulic brakes, Disc
  • Tires: F / R 20 x 7-8 / 22 x 10-10
  • Fuel capacity: 2.25 gal
  • N.W. /G.W./ Shipping W: 608lbs /758 lbs / 950 lbs
  • Max load: 800 lbs


  • Wheelbase: 84.5 inches (2.23m)
  • OA L x W x H: 116.1x54.5x59.2inches
  • Crate size: L x W x H 120x 45 x 28inches
  • Height to seat: F 17 inches
  • Height to seat: R 18.2 inches
  • Distance between F&R seat: 25.6”
  • Min. ground clearance: 15.8”
  • Pedal to center seat back: 36 to 43”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Secure site

Secure site, easy order placement. Good communication.

Sherie fularczyk

I CANT SAY TO MUCH i ordered a motorcycle and it said in stock .but a week later they said it was on backorder.still waiting for it wish i could get more information

Robert Stanton
Purchase online was simple

Purchase online was simple. Webpage was easy to use.

Daniel Moreno
I purchased a four seater off

I purchased a four seater off roading go-kart at the end of March and had friendly service over the phone, was also given a coupon code for a little extra off. Price wise, including shipping, this was the best price I found. The package was delivered in about a week in pretty decent shape. Make sure you read the all the disclaimers on the site because you'll have your work cut out for you. Focus on the warranty and damaged parts which I'll get to in a minute. First off there were no assembly instructions or parts manual. Included was a 30 page operation manual which had a totally different 2 seater kart and basically told you how to start it and put it in gear, that was it. I contacted GoKart USA and Dong Fang CO and was told I was out of luck, not all karts have instructions and was advised to take it to a shop for assembly. The reasons I chose to buy online and put together myself was to save $$ otherwise I would have bought it in a store fully assembled with no headaches. Had I known there was no assembly instructions, I would not have purchased it. I did countless searches and downloaded assembly instructions to other karts from other sites, however there was nothing close to the kart I purchased. My father and I were able to assemble it in just over a weekend by figuring it out ourselves as we both do light work on vehciles. While the engine and cables were already installed, you have to pretty much put together the rest of it. The frame, being so heavy, made certain things difficult. The turn signal/bright light gauge was broken upon arrival and the two front fenders snapped at the base the on the 2nd ride. I attempted to get those items replaced under warranty and was told no. To make the request for a warranty replacement cost $15 only for them to tell me the gauge did not appear broken and would not be replaced even though the pics I sent focused on the broken brittle plastic piece where the gauge came apart. I was then told fenders often break and was advised to remove the fenders prior to riding. I have requested my $15 back from the warranty request which was denied and are still waiting on that. So the service was good at first than pretty useless once delivered. Verify that a assembly guide exists for you kart ahead of time and don't count on the warranty for anything. And if you plan on registering it, keep in mind that since no taxes were paid, you may have to pay taxes on the purchase when register as is the case in AZ which came out to just under $300. Dan in AZ ***Response*** Go Kart USA, thank you for your response. The only reasons I did this review was in response to the email asking for a review. Since we're here and due to your awesome "Oh Dan, classic" response, I'd like to clarify a few things. You asked if I performed assembly myself, yes I did as that was mentioned above. To get specific my father, who was a qualified mechanic and certified for over 20 years, assisted, technically assembly was preformed by a qualified mechanic as a mechanic is a person who repairs and maintains machinery. Now I'll admit that I did not notice the broken gauge or report it within 48 hours of delivery as required. This was due to postponing assembly as I had not received an assembly/parts manual. By the way I had asked many questions to the rep I spoke to about assembly specific and was told there would be a manual, if for whatever reason it wasn't included, call back and they'd re-send it. When I called back I was told to complete a ticket and they would contact the manufacturer and have one sent to me. I later received an email stating there was no manual. The point I'm trying to make is that I was told by phone an assembly manual would be included and the description even reads, all manuals can be downloaded. The warranty reads, any damaged or missing delivery items will be replaced. I know it's a cheap product and you get what you pay for so a broken gauge and fenders are not the end of the world. It has actually been a fun little buggy and we've enjoyed it so far. I was just trying to make buyers beware, as I stated above, with making sure they focus on the disclaimers to avoid headaches.

Oh Dan, Mechanic Required!!! I know this is clearly stated on our site, and on our purchase agreement. Skip the dealer and get the low low price. If you can assemble it yourself, thats great. But if not, you will need a mechanic. Take it in to one of our service centers for assembly.