Vehicles are shipped in a crate

Vehicles are shipped in a crate

Assembly by mechanic required.

Initial setup can include: Un-crate, install wheels (front wheel only on bikes), seats, roll cage, bumpers, racks, battery, lights and other items., engine oil service, test, tune and adjust all system components.

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NOTE: On assembled units: Customer’s mechanic must still un-package, install wheels, install roll cage, perform engine oil service, and minor tuning and adjusting. The manufacturer's Warranty requires that vehicle assembly and setup be performed by a certified mechanic. 

First Service. After 1 hour of operation,  change oil, check and adjust all systems including cables, chain, tighten all nuts and bolts - use thread-locker.

Who can work on my Vehicle? Bring it to us and we will assemble it. There may not be many Go Kart or Scooter shops in your area. Small Engine repair shops or Garden Equipment shops can often help with assembly, maintenance or repair. If any parts are needed, they are all available for online ordering at  All manuals can also be viewed and downloaded from our website

See the mechanic advisory for more information.


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    I am looking for a manual for the Trail Masted Challenger 150. Can you please point me in the right direction?

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