Get the call from the Freight Company

 Get the☎️Call

  • The Freight Company will call you to schedule a Delivery Appointment.
  • It's important that you speak to them.
  • They won't deliver unless they speak to you on the phone.
  • Be sure and call them back if you miss their call.

When you receive your tracking info, you can call the freight company instead of waiting for them to call you.

If the freight company cannot reach you, they will return the vehicle to us. You may be charged for all actual outbound shipping, re-delivery, reconsignment and return shipping fees.



  • Small vehicles are very easy to get off of the truck.
  • large vehicles, we always order Liftgate Service, free for our customers. That means the truck will show up with a hydraulic liftgate on the back to lower the crate to the ground. Even so, the truck does not always arrive with a liftgate.
  • The driver will get the vehicle off of the truck, but It's always best to have someone on hand to help unload a large vehicle, even with a liftgate. The driver will unload in the street nearest to your driveway. The driver cannot drive onto your property. Some drivers may be willing to roll the crate onto your driveway or garage.

The Crate can arrive a bit tattered, Watch the Video to learn more


Make some room in your garage for delivery. Sometimes, you may wish to uncrate in the street, install the wheels and roll it to your desired location. If you wish to proceed this way, keep in mind, it may take some time to jack up and install each wheel.


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